What our Customers say...


Our restaurant had an early morning electrical fire (5am) thqt smoke damaged 1500 sqft of bar and eating area.  We open at 11:00am and had a wedding reception scheduled the next day.  SERVPRO put their entire team on the cleanup to keep us operational.  We could not have reopened on time without them. 

A fire system sprinkler head broke and flooded out restaurant at midnight.  SERVPRO  got us operational for the next day.  Awesome service.  And they helped us stay operational during the entire restoration process.

High winds blew so much rain against my house it flooded my basement.  Terrible storm.  SERVPRO came out right away and made things right.  Sent a good crew.

Our elementary school shut down due to the COVID-19 virus.  SERVPRO brought in an army of trained cleaners to disinfect touch points.  Our school board and parents are confident we are doing everything to keep our children and staff healthy.

Thanks Joe and Bob.

A 100 ft. tree fell on my roof in a wind storm.  SERVPRO found someone to remove it and they put on a tarp to keep water out.

Thanks to Chris Homer for getting me on track to fixing the roof. Great level of service.

An electrical fire in my basement filled the house with smoke.  It was terrible.  My insurance told me to call SERVPRO.  They were so nice and explained how they would clean my home and clothes so I could stay there.  Thank you Sam and Jessica.

SERVPRO helped me over the phone to figure out wet carpet in my basement.  They had me call a plumber to check the water heater.  That was the source.  Thanks for the great customer service.

My property manager discovered a spraying coffee machine water line that ran all weekend.  What a mess.  SERVPRO responded on a Sunday afternoon to suck it up and start drying structure.  We were able to operate in our clubhouse Monday morning.  Thanks guys.

Our fast food restaurant in Benton Harbor had a small fryer fire that stopped operations until SERVPRO of Berrien County came in and cleaned up the entire place like new so we could back to serving delicious hamburgers during our busiest time without any interruptions. Thank you!

After a rainy weekend our sump pump failed and we had a major flood in the basement. SERVPRO of Berrien County quickly responded, assessed the situation, and had it cleaned up within days. Now it's just "Like it never even happened." Thank you!

Our business had an electrical fire and we almost had to close we had a wedding there the next day. SERVPRO of Berrien County immediately came in, cleaned the damage and restored our restaurant so it was fully operational within hours time. They saved the wedding. Thank you SERVPRO of Berrien County! 

I came home and discovered a ton of water along with a faulty sump pump in my basement. I called SERVPRO of Berrien County right away and now there isn't any signs of damage or mold growth whatsoever. Just "Like it never even happened."

My kitchen fire started small and got big fast.  Called 911 and stood in the rain as the fire fighters saved my house.  SERVPRO heard about the fire and sent guys to put plywood on my slider and kitchen window.  Then they said I could call them to help cleanup after I spoke to my insurance.  No pressure at a traumatic time.  

Thanks for helping me figure it out SERVPRO.  Your people were so kind and helpful.  Especially Bobbi and Jessica.

Berrien County, MI  October 2017.  A smoke alarm from SERVPRO saved my life when my house caught on fire.  The beeping woke me up to a house full of smoke.  SERVPRO provided the smoke alarm to the fire department for residents.  My buddy at the FD gave me one and I installed it.  My other two smoke alarms didn't go off.  


We have a sump pump in our basement without a backup battery or generator.  The wind storm knocked out power to the area and our basement flooded.  SERVPRO came out within an hour and worked late.  Thanks

We came home to a flooded house after vacation.  What a shock.  SERVPRO had left some contact information which came in very handy.  We never thought the river would actually get into our house.  Thanks for reaching out SERVPRO.

Our home was flooded by the St. Joseph River.  SERVPRO waded through deep water to see if and when we needed help saving our home.  Their advise and hard work helped us dry out and sanitize.

Recent river flooding saturated the floor joists in our crawlspace.  We were afraid they would get mold and called SERVPRO.  They replaced our vapor barrier and sprayed antimicrobial on all the wood floor and joists.  

Thank you SERVPRO for doing that difficult job.

One of my rentals had a toilet with a long term drain line leak.  Black mold grew in the closet behind the toilet.  SERVPRO had us test it and they cleaned it up perfectly.  It passed the post test. 

They have helped me with rental units many times.  Always fast and professional.  Thanks SERVPRO 

We should have turned off the water during the off season.  The clubhouse was vacant.  A water line to the coffee maker off the banquet room split and sprayed for we figure 48 hours.  It soaked 600 sqft on two levels and made a huge mess.  We always use SERVPRO.  They had it cleaned up and dry in 4 days.  Great guys to deal with.  You call they come.

We were out of town when heavy rainstorms knocked out power and our sump pump quit working.  Without a backup power source the finished basement got 2" of water.  I got the sump working and called SERVPRO.  They sucked it up and dried it out.  Since it wasn't a covered claim they told us what we could do on our own like removing drywall and carpet/pad. That saved us some money. 

Thanks SERVPRO your crew was great.  

Our machine shop had a leaking pipe that went undetected over the weekend.  Monday morning we had 3" water in the front offices and pools on most of the production floor.  

This was a big water problem that we couldn't handle ourselves.  Our insurance company told us to use SERVPRO because they are the best at what they do.  They were right.

Thanks for keeping us open for business.

A truck ran into our building breaking water lines that mixed with diesel fuel from the ruptured tank.  We called SERVPRO immediately and they worked round the clock to clean up the mess.  They even helped set up our displaced administrative staff in another building.  

Some people worked from home for a few days but we didn't close up.   Thanks SERVPRO.

Berrien County, MI manufacturing company: Sunday 9pm

A machine caught fire and triggered our fire suppression system flooding 100,000 sqft of the plant.  SERVPRO worked all night and the next day to suck up the water and clean products ready for delivery.

SERVPRO kept us operational when we needed it the most.  Would recommend them to any business.

Our school had an environmental hygienist test some cabinets in a classroom for mold.  Sure enough, it came back positive and needed remediation.  We called SERVPRO (our restoration company) and they followed the written protocol.  The post test came back negative.

Once again, Good job SERVPRO!

An electrical fire in the attic completely ruined our home and many of our contents.  Chaotic and traumatizing for the family.  It's been a very long process cleaning and restoring.  And we have lived in a rental for over a year.  

SERVPRO has been absolutely wonderful about everything.  So glad we have professionals like them.  A special thanks to Bobbi and Joe.

I had a kitchen fire. I called SERVPRO and they were AWESOME! Got my whole house cleaned up quick and proper. Great Job Guys!

Just got my carpets cleaned. Employee Mark was very polite and did a good job. Thank you.

SERVPRO was really great. They cleaned up the flood in my basement and were very respectful of my stuff. Thanks Guys!!!

Great company! I called in absolute distress when sewage backed up out of my toilet and tub and the office girl was so kind and empathetic. She made me feel at ease. She got the guys out there asap and they cleaned up my yucky mess! Thanks guys! You made it like it never even happened haha!

SERVPRO's construction manager Duke was so great and kind and attentive during the whole process rebuilding my home are a big fire. He met me at Lowes and helped me pick out cabinets and fixtures and paint and carpet. Really great guy. Thanks!

Duke and Mark did a great job on the rebuilding of my home after a water loss. Thank you!

Jeff and his crew did a great job on a huge mess at one of the homes I manage. They had the home dry and clean so the owner was able to use it for a Thanksgiving gathering. Highly recommended!

I was very impressed with the work SERVPRO did at my home. Very professional and knowledgable.

Via Home Advisor:

Review by a Homeowner in New buffalo, MI

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold Comments: The project went very smoothly . The guys were very trustworthy and professional. . From the girls in the office to everyone working on the job......a great experience overall!

Review by a Homeowner Project: Repair Damage or Clean Up After a Fire Comments: They did a great job and they were very efficient in what they did. They left me at a point where I could easily repair the damage to my home. Very satisfied.

The team from SERVPRO was here right away to board up our house after a fire. Thank you. 

The crew from SERVPRO of  did a awesome job drying out our nasty wet basement after our sump pump failed. 

I had an electrical fire in the middle of the night and SERVPRO came out quickly and cleaned things up at a very stressful time for me. They were a great group. 

Thanks to SERVPRO for all your hard work restoring one of my vacation rental units after a fire. Your fast work allowed my renters to move in right away so there was minimal disruption in rental business. 

SERVPRO came out late on a Saturday night when i had a pipe break in my basement and worked all day and into the evening Sunday to get our house dry. Very dedicated crew.