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Fire and Smoke damage

2/26/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Box truck Box truck to move contents

SERVPRO of Berrien County has been helping fire damage victims clean and restore contents since 1995.

Fire damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your home.  In addition to the damage caused by the heat and flames, smoke can damage everything in your home.  Even a small fire can produce smoke that can affect every room in your home.  Soft goods like clothing, blankets, towels, furniture, pictures, valuables need to be inventoried and safely packed out for cleaning and storage.

We will take a picture of the items, write descriptions and safely pack  them in boxes and safely transport them to our climate controlled warehouses.  This is where they will be cleaned and de smoked in our ozone room.  Then we will store the items until it is time to bring them back to your home.

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Mold job

2/26/2024 (Permalink)

Mold on walls and contents Weeks after an undetected water loss

A water loss in Stevensville, MI went undetected for a long time.  It was a second home and nobody was around to clean up after the water heater flooded the basement.  

So why should you use SERVPRO?

1. Expert mold remediators

2. We remove affected materials and clean/seal remaining building materials like wood studs and other framing.  

3. We can clean non absorbent contents when they need to be kept.  Other affected contents usually become claim items.

4.  Your home is returned to a healthy state.

Mold remediation is better left to experts so everything is cleaned right.  SERVPRO has been doing this work in Berrien County since 1995.  Our crews are trained and certified.   SERVPRO Certified clean is a reality when we work for you.  

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Fire and Smoke damage

2/12/2024 (Permalink)

smoke alarm Free smoke alarms

Berrien County fire departments have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms for residents in need.  This means:  if you need safety alarms you can contact your local fire department and request that they provide and maybe even install alarms in your home.  

SERVPRO works with the St. Joseph fire department to purchase and distribute about 1000 alarms every year throughout the county.  Each fire department receives a supply of safety alarms for home owners that need them.  

Fire alarms are the single best prevention tactic to minimize injury and damage when fire occurs.  SERVPRO has helped distribute over 19,000 fire alarms since 2004.  

SERVPRO of Berrien County responds to fire victims to help clean up fire/smoke damage to homes and businesses.

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Commercial water damage

6/13/2023 (Permalink)

room contents retail space

A new business has opened in St. Joseph, Michigan.  Home furnishings and vintage items for all kinds of reasons.  These owners remodeled a 100 year old brick and cement building for the yesteryear look and feel for customers.  The commercial building is cleaned up inside and out with new paint, walls and decorations.

This beautiful space is dry and ready for the rich seasonal customers.  Let's hope it stays that way.  But we all know that water damage comes in many forms.  From roof leaks during storms or broken pipes under pressure.  Water intrusion can damage drywall, contents and beautifully remodeled spaces.

Be prepared:  Know where your Main Water Shutoff is located and how to turn it off.  Know your plumber or fire suppression contractor in case pipes break.  And keep SERVPRO on speed dial.

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Storm damage

6/13/2023 (Permalink)

Lighthouse Be prepared

Storms come in all shapes and sizes when you live anywhere near Lake Michigan.  Mother nature can kick up some major winds and drenching rains for Berrien County.  New Buffalo seems to have a bullseye on it.

SERVPRO has been helping storm damage victims since 1995.  If a tree falls on your house and breaks the an emergency tree service for removal.  Then call SERVPRO to tarp the roof and clean up any water damage that comes with the storm.

Ground water flooding is also a result of storm damage.  Prepare for this by keeping gutters free of debris and keeping contents off the floor in your basement.  

When you need emergency service to clean up after storms damage your home, call SERVPRO to help return your house to normal.

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Fire and Smoke damage

6/13/2023 (Permalink)

burnt structure When your neighbor burns a brush pile...

Just when you least expect it, FIRE.  This Watervliet homeowner came home to a complete disaster.  His home was in great shape when he left for work that morning.  But conditions were just right for a major disaster.  No rain for 2+ weeks and it was windy that day.  So the neighbor made a poor decision and lit a large brush pile on fire.  It was too close  for the conditions.  

Things happen and then things happen.  It could have been an electrical event or lightning strike.  Nope, it was wind blown sparks from a nearby brush pile.

In this case SERVPRO was authorized to board up the home and work with the insurance carrier to help this homeowner recover.  It takes a village to help with this much damage.  

Please be careful when lighting fires.

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Fire fighters support

6/13/2023 (Permalink)

box of extinguishers Silent auction donation for fire fighters

The Berrien County Firefighters Association and Sheriff's Dept have a wonderful fund raiser every year.  It is a benefit car show for an entire day at  the Saint Joseph, Michigan soccer fields on Maiden Lane.  This annual event raises awareness for fire safety and funds for the departments.

SERVPRO has been supporting both groups since 1995 with money and a major smoke alarm donation each year.  We are proud to sponsor this event.

It is free to the public, with a swap meet, nitro car fireup, food vendors and live music.  There is also a pancake breakfast.

SERVPRO likes to participate in community events that provide support for our emergency responders.  These are the bravest people we know.

Contact us to find out how you can help support them in your own way.  

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Bad crawlspace

2/28/2023 (Permalink)

Debris in crawl Dirty crawl space

What's that terrible smell?  That's what diners at this Stevensville, MI restaurant were thinking when they visited.  Mystery odors can be one of the most difficult things to remediate or eliminate.  Obnoxious odors can generate from many things such as: wet dirt, leaking disposal pipes, cardboard, dead critters, pest excrement...

SERVPRO of Berrien County has been helping customers clean up crawlspaces since 1995.  The first thing is to identify what the cause is.  Then we remove debris, have broken pipes fixed, dry the area, apply deodorizers and antimicrobial, install 6 mil plastic sheeting to contain moisture in dirt.  Whatever is necessary to make the atmosphere clean and healthy.

When odors affect your building's operational ability there is always a cause that must be discovered and fixed.  

Call the pros at SERVPRO.

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House Fire

2/27/2023 (Permalink)

Flames Catastrophic house fire

House fires come in all shapes and sizes.  This fire happened in Stevensville, MI during the dead of winter.  Single digit temperatures and strong winds off Lake Michigan combined to assist this fire in it's total consumption of this shoreline home.

SERVPRO of Berrien County assists Fire Departments in their fire prevention efforts annually.  We provide smoke alarms and prevention tips for residents.  It has been proven that the best defense against house fires is a good offense.  Be careful with lit candles, space heaters and compromised wiring.  Don't walk away from lit candles, keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from flammable items and replace bad wiring.

This fire house had a bad wiring issue that resulted in a total loss.  Luckily nobody was home.

If you experience fire or smoke damage call on SERVPRO for cleanup and repairs.  

Water heater drains

2/27/2023 (Permalink)

Damaged ceiling Water damage from water heater

Water heaters usually hold 40-80 gallons of water at any given time.  And they all malfunction at some point during their serviceable life usually 10-15 years.  But they can fail at any time because the water supply lines are constantly under pressure.  Lines leak, valves break and the water has to go someplace.

This St. Joseph, Michigan condominium ceiling was directly below the upper unit's water heater.  About 60 gallons of water drained into carpeting, padding and the ceiling below.  What you can see is wet drywall, separated tape and bulging paint areas.  These damaged material will be removed and replaced during remediation.  

SERVPRO of Berrien County has been helping residents clean up after water damage since 1995.  We are experts at what we do.

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