What our Customers say...

Storm Damage Testimonials

High winds blew so much rain against my house it flooded my basement.  Terrible storm.  SERVPRO came out right away and made things right.  Sent a good crew.

A 100 ft. tree fell on my roof in a wind storm.  SERVPRO found someone to remove it and they put on a tarp to keep water out.

Thanks to Chris Homer for getting me on track to fixing the roof. Great level of service.

We have a sump pump in our basement without a backup battery or generator.  The wind storm knocked out power to the area and our basement flooded.  SERVPRO came out within an hour and worked late.  Thanks

We came home to a flooded house after vacation.  What a shock.  SERVPRO had left some contact information which came in very handy.  We never thought the river would actually get into our house.  Thanks for reaching out SERVPRO.

Our home was flooded by the St. Joseph River.  SERVPRO waded through deep water to see if and when we needed help saving our home.  Their advise and hard work helped us dry out and sanitize.

We were out of town when heavy rainstorms knocked out power and our sump pump quit working.  Without a backup power source the finished basement got 2" of water.  I got the sump working and called SERVPRO.  They sucked it up and dried it out.  Since it wasn't a covered claim they told us what we could do on our own like removing drywall and carpet/pad. That saved us some money. 

Thanks SERVPRO your crew was great.