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Heat damage

6/20/2022 (Permalink)

wall with black and white streaks Heat and smoke damage

SERVPRO of Berrien County, Michigan has been helping fire damage victims clean up and repair homes since 1995.  We respond to the majority of fire events with speed and organization.  

Surviving a house fire is one of the most traumatic events you could ever experience.  Let's hope this never happen to you and your family.  Even a small fire can pollute your house so bad that you need to live elsewhere for months.  

Our certified fire technicians and supervisors work with you and your insurance to organize all of your contents for cleaning or replacement.  Then we clean the inside of your home completely.  And after remodel we pack back all or your cleaned contents.  And you are kept informed of all activities every step of the way.

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Supporting Emergency Responders

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Check hands Fire Fighters Association donation

SERVPRO of Berrien County, Michigan has been supporting first responders since 1995.  From St. Joseph to Niles we have been consistently providing these heroes with cash donations, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and CO alarms.  Fire safety equipment that they feel is the best front line defense against loss of life and severe injury when disaster strikes.

Berrien County has 26 active fire departments that save lives and homes when fires happen.  Many of these departments are mostly volunteers that have dedicated their time and energy to help victims of emergency situations.

SERVPRO has donated more than 10,000 smoke alarms to these fire department to distribute among residents in need of safety equipment.  Smoke alarms save lives.  And we are proud to help any way we can.

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Supporting Schools

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

signs on fence Community athletic support

SERVPRO of Berrien County, MI has been servicing Southwest Michigan since 1995.  From Niles to St. Joseph and New Buffalo to Watervliet we respond 24/7/365.

Our staff of certified technicians live in the area, their kids attend the schools and they all work in the county.  These families are part of the area's fabric.

School athletic sponsorships are something we actively seek out and support.  Teamwork and student participation in extra activities are an important part of education and employment.  We encourage this in our employees and area students.

Giving back to the community we live and work in is very important to our service mission.  Anything we can do, anytime we can, we will find a way.  

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Wind Storm

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Home boarded up Wind damage can seriously affect your home.

Berrien Springs, Michigan.  Strong winds off Lake Michigan, 15 miles west of this home, gusted up to 60 miles per hour.  Just the type of storm we get off the great lake in southwest Michigan.  

Fallen trees and flying objects damaged windows and also shorted some electrical which started a fire in this country home.  The fire department extinguished the flames and SERVPRO boarded up the windows.

SERVPRO of Berrien County has been helping victims of storm damage since 1995.  When something damages your home from fire, water, wind, you can call on us to help 24/7.  We are Here to Help.

If something damages your home enough to disrupt your world, contact your insurance carrier and call SERVPRO so we can help you return to normal.

Smoke Damage

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

soot on sink Smoke damage

Where there is smoke there is fire.  Fire damage and smoke damage always travel together.  You can't have one without the other. 

Fire damage is something that is normally replaced because it destroys structural materials beyond repair or cleaning.  Drywall, wood, flooring, carpeting, fixtures, trim, baseboard etc.

Smoke damage is many cases can be successfully cleaned off hard materials like glass, mirrors, ceramic surfaces, metal etc.

Particulate from smoke can also cause damage to absorbent materials that may or may not be cleanable.  When items cannot be successfully cleaned they usually become a claim item.  That means the insurance carrier replaces it.  Items like carpeting, upholstered furniture, mattresses, pillows etc.

SERVPRO of Berrien County can professionally clean many contents damaged by fire losses.  We work with your insurance adjuster to determine what is cleanable and what will be claimed as a loss.

If you ever experience fire and smoke damage to your home, we are ready to help you clean and restore your situation.

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Commercial water damage

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

hospital Commercial emergency response.

SERVPRO provides emergency service for commercial properties from St. Joseph to Niles and Watervliet to New Buffalo.  Since 1995 we have always responded to the call immediately.  Providing Fire and Water damage cleanup and restoration to help keep facilities operationsl.

St. Joseph, Michigan.  A wild and windy rain storm with heavy winds flooded a new construction area of the local hospital.  Multiple rooms and halls were affected and needed to be dried out.

SERVPRO answered the call immediately to extract water from all affected areas, drill holes at the base of drywall, apply antimicrobial and set dehumidifiers and air movers.  Three days later the affected areas were monitored and found dry.  Construction resumed to stay on schedule.

SERVPRO has been providing immediate response for commercial properties in Berrien County for many years.  We are the largest in terms of equipment and certified labor in Southwest Michigan.

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Is your sump pump ready?

4/22/2022 (Permalink)

sump pump Not ready for the storm.

April showers bring May flowers.  And spring storms can bring water into your basement.  We are all ready for the flowers, but is your sump pump ready for the storm?  The sump in this picture isn't ready.  Can you tell why?  The float is on top of the water and not activating the pump.  The float can become disconnected or stuck in a bad position.  

Malfunctioning sumps are a major cause of flooded basements.  Inspect your pump to make sure it is operating properly.  If it is broken replace it or have a qualified vendor fix it.  

Sump pumps are powered by electricity.  If the power goes out the pump can't do its job.  Consider a battery backup.  

SERVPRO has been helping victims of basement flooding from storms since 1995.  From New Buffalo to St. Joseph.  We are always ready to answer questions or bring a crew to clean up and restore.  It's what we do.

Kitchen fires

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Your kitchen is perhaps the most likely place in your home to have fire and smoke damage.  The most common kitchen fire is from stove top cooking.  Never walk away from what you are cooking.  And always have a proper fitting lid or pan covering that can smother a fire.  Do not pour water on a grease fire.

SERVPRO has been helping victims of fire and smoke damage clean and restore since 1995. We are always ready to help restore your home to it's former operational condition.

Even a small fire can produce a lot of heat and smoke damage to your home.  If you experience fire damage call 911 for help putting the fire out.  Then call your insurance carrier and tell them what happened.  

SERVPRO is  "Here to Help"

Restoration Services

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

building Call the professionals.

For more than 50 years, SERVPRO has been a trusted leader in Fire and Water Cleanup and restoration services, mold mitigation, biohazard, and pathogen remediation.  

SERVPRO's professional services network of more than 1,900 individually owned and operated franchises spans the United States and Canada, responding to property damage emergencies large and small - from million -square-foot commercial facilities to individual homes.  

When disaster strikes, homeowners, business owners, and major insurance companies alike rely on SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Berrien County provides restoration services from New Buffalo to Coloma, Buchanan to St. Joseph.  We are "Here to Help" anywhere, anytime.  If you experience fire or water damage you count on us to respond to your emergency any time of day or night.

Wet Basement

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Cement crawl space Dry out the basement

Pictured is a 140 year old cement crawl space or basement of a commercial building in Three Oaks, MI. Standing water comes and goes as the water table rises and falls seasonally. The cement floor and stone walls allow moisture to seem through cracks and breaks due to hydrostatic pressure. Most basements experience this moisture intrusion at some point.

High moisture levels aren't conducive to a healthy atmosphere in a lower level. It is recommended that the relative humidity (RH) be less than 60% so bacteria doesn't grow. This basement has an average 82% RH which isn't good for the atmosphere or structural materials affected.

When dealing with high RH levels it is best not to have contents stored in the space. Mold can ruin the contents quickly. Reduce the moisture levels with dehumidification.

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