Recent Before & After Photos

The coffee maker did what?

This water line failure caused $15,000 in damage and restoration for the building owner.  It was the off season for this golf course club house.  Nobo... READ MORE

Restaurant fryer fire.

We all love fried foods which require a commercial fryer.  In the past month there have been four fryer fires in our county.  Each had varying degrees... READ MORE

Commercial carpet cleaning

How often should you clean commercial carpet?  It depends on usage.  In this case we have beautiful carpet in a golf course banquet hall.  Weddin... READ MORE

Chimney Fire

Have your chimney inspected.  Nobody hurt.  This was a total loss.  Luckily they were insured.  Nothing but a few contents to clean.  B... READ MORE

House garage Fire

Be careful where you store fuel and start a heater.  This house fire started when a can of Kerosene was next to a space heater in the garage.  2 vehic... READ MORE

Frozen Fire Suppression Line

A high school locker room had a fire suppression line freeze and break in the plaster ceiling of an unheated portion of the locker room.    The system... READ MORE

Injecta Dry Wood Floor Drying System

Water damaged wood flooring requires an Injecta Dry Wood Floor Drying System.  And this needs to happen quickly if cupping and buckling are to be prevented... READ MORE